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How Curve Communications was able to reduce their costs and achieve an efficient financial
process with the help of 777Eccounting Systems


Technology has changed the way we do accounting. However, the process to find the best accounting system can be confusing, and many businesses struggle to keep up with changing technologies.

At 777Eccounting we can help you create an efficient accounting system by taking a deeper look at your day-to-day processes. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools and solutions for your accounting needs.

With a combination of technology and accounting expertise, we will help you take your business to the next level of financial performance.


“The Eccounting team transformed our day to day accounting procedures. As a business owner,
moving all of our accounting to the cloud required a high level of trust in the team doing the job.
Eccounting made the process seamless and stress free. Now, thanks to their services, we savetime and money on a big line item in our annual budget”

George Affleck, Founder & CEO, Curve Communications Group Ltd


Accounting System – hosted on local desktop

  • Limited Access
  • No Integration
  • Reconciliations done by Spreadsheets
  • No real time information available

Accounts Receivables

  • Invoices must be saved on computer before being sent by email. High
    possibility of missing invoices and invoices sent to wrong address
  • Clients could not pay invoices online limiting the client’s choices and delaying

Accounts Payables

  • Bills received by mail or email must be printed and sent for approval which causes a waste of paper and payment delays
  • Most payments done by cheque. If the director is not available, the payments must be put on hold

Reporting and Project Management

  • Decentralize project control which requires more time to combine the information and generates a report
  • Financial reports cannot be customized without information being transferred to a spreadsheet first


Accounting System – Cloud base Xero

  • Accessible anywhere any time by any user.
  • Integration with financial Institutions and
    other systems
  • App to use on your phone & Real time data

Accounts Receivables

  • Invoices can be scheduled generated and sent by the system
  • Clients can pay online giving them alternative methods of payment including credit card, PayPal and PAD

Accounts Payables

  • Bills received through data collector system – Hubdoc. Director can approve the bills using the App.
  • Switch the supplier payments online.No delays and happy suppliers.

Reporting and Project Management

  • Centralize project system. Income cost and time sheets in one place.
  • Customizable financial reports


50% time reduction on Accounting process

80% Of data centralization

60% Savings on Accounting services and office expenses

800 Paper sheets were saved since September 2019

Always looking ahead…

The switch of a business to a paperless Accounting Model is not the end but the beginning of a
continuous effort to provide fast and accurate solutions and information to our clients to best
serve their needs.

Our team is always updated with the latest technologies and ready to advise and implement
them to take our clients and their companies to the next level.

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