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How Teragon were able to reduce their costs and achieve an efficient financial process with the help of 777Eccounting Systems!


Technology has changed the way we do accounting. However, it can be confusing finding the best accounting system and many businesses struggle to keep up with changing technologies. 

At 777Eccounting we help you to create a more efficient accounting system by taking a deeper look at your day-to-day process. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools and solutions for your accounting needs. 

With a combination of technology and accounting expertise, we will help you take your business to the next level of financial performance.


“777Eccounting helped us to fundamentally transform our back office processes, streamlining our reporting and accounts payable/receivable to the benefit of our clients and our Project Managers.  The shift to cloud based management for our billing and reporting was not only seamless, it has also reduced overhead and the staff time previously required”
Kirk Wood, Operations Manager, Teragon


  • Accounting software outdated and not used to capacity.
  • Spreadsheets used for reporting and invoicing job
  • Reconciliation processes not maintained leading to reporting issues
  • Invoice approval system not maintained
  • Project reporting needing an overhaul
  • Paper filing system


  • Converted to a multi-user accounting system with online access
  • Implemented a cloud based construction software for reporting and invoicing and integration with accounting system
  • Initiated a controlled approval process for vendor invoices
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable reports created on a timely basis and reviewed weekly for improved cash flow analysis
  • Creation of a PDF filing system for easy access to all files


LESS COSTLYMore efficient systems

ON TIMEInvoices to clients consistently on time


FAST & EASY COMMUNICATIONBetween Project Managers and Accounting department

Always looking ahead…

The switch of a business to a paperless Accounting Model is not the end but the beginning of a continuous effort to provide fast and accurate solutions and information to our clients to best serve their needs.

Our team is always updated with the latest technologies and ready to advise and implement them to take our clients and their companies to the next level.

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